Rain Collector Gauge

$198.00 CAD

The most economical good-quality rain gauges on the market

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Comes in either pole-mount or flat surface-mount configuration

  • Aerodynamic AeroCone and self-emptying tipping spoon provides accurate rain data
  • Designed to meet the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization
  • Add a rain gauge with a Sensor Transmitter and WeatherLink Live or an EnviroMonitor Node reporting to an EnviroMonitor Gateway
  • Can also be connected to a stand-along datalogger or wireless transmitter
  • Metric units (0.2mm) (Imperial version also available)
  • Comes with 40’/12m cable, locking debris screen, bird spikes and mounting hardware

Additional information

Mounting type

Pole Mount, Surface Mount


One-year manufacturer’s warranty

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