Vantage Pro2 Wireless Weather Station Sensor Suite

$848.00 CAD

The main building block of a VantagePro2 monitoring system

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Pair it with a Davis WeatherLink Live or an EnviroMonitor IP Gateway to have weather information that can be accessible from any device. Or add a Wireless Console Receiver for display of real-time weather conditions.

  • Measures air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction,
  • Anemometer (wind sensor) can be mounted up to 40’/12 m from the rest of sensor suite for flexible siting
  • Sensor suite is solar-powered with battery back-up
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

This unit by itself does not provide data. It must be paired to a Davis WeatherLink Live, an EnviroMonitor IP Gateway or Wireless Console Receiver.

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One-year manufacturer’s warranty

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